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This really sums up life with these two lately. One hamming it up. The other refusing to cooperate. Advertisements

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Public Service Announcement

Pineapples should come with a warning tag that says,”Should not be consumed by one person in one sitting”. Second time this week. Ugh.

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All You Need is Shoes

Unless you’re some sort of gypsy hobo runner like me. I keep my run bag packed for every scenario, including an emergency requiring a matchbox car or three. I headed out for today’s Trail Tuesday run with my typical bag … Continue reading

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I’ve been fortunate as far as running injuries so far. About the worst I’ve had is some blisters, black toenails which then become missing toenails and some seriously ugly feet. My feet actually started out pretty awful but now I … Continue reading

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Denny: slurp, slurp, slurp, big contented “ahhhhh”. Sometimes you have to do that when you drink your cereal milk, mom

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Picture of Health

Went to see Jeff’s voodoo witch doctor over the weekend. He prescribed acupuncture, a absolute ton of vitamins and no more Diet Coke. Two out of three ain’t bad! Plus I need the Diet Coke to soothe myself after the … Continue reading

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Garden : Take Three

Isn’t this a running blog? WTF is with the picture of a big patch of suburban dirt? Hold on to your hats, I do more than just run! I also raise some kids, grocery shop and clean my house. I … Continue reading

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