All You Need is Shoes

Unless you’re some sort of gypsy hobo runner like me. I keep my run bag packed for every scenario, including an emergency requiring a matchbox car or three.


I headed out for today’s Trail Tuesday run with my typical bag o’ gear: shoes, gu, water belt, garmin, post-run water and chocolate milk. At minimum I always have a clean t-shirt and towel to make myself passable for an errand or two. Today the luggage was a little heavier because I brought an entire change of clothes and some toiletries. Today I had a post-run birthday lunch for a friend to get to.

This particular friend, who hereby will be known as Jet Walker, has expressed her disapproval for my post-run sweaty gallivanting about town. She wishes I would not embrace my earthiness. Since it is her birthday I packed up the maximum amount of decontaminating gear. I was prepared for scenarios ranging from a park bathroom sponge bath to a YMCA shower stop to a floor of the van clothing change. Thankfully I had just enough time for the 10 minute ymca shower stop where I risked contracting athletes foot in the name of being invited back to lunch. You’re welcome, Jet Walker!


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One Response to All You Need is Shoes

  1. Jet Walker says:

    THANK YOU! I appreciated the shower and all of the effort that went into making yourself presentable and non-stinky! What a good friend you are.

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