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DIY : Because I’m Handy

I woke up on Friday and immediately consulted my to do list. (That’s a lie. First I consulted Facebook) Fridays are my rest day as far as exercise so I use them to quickly scramble around and make it look like I did … Continue reading

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Race Recap : Landsford Canal 24 Hour

It was fantastic. I can’t wait to go again. End of recap. Seriously, that does pretty much sum it up but, since I do a fair bit of race research/selection via reading recaps on blogs, I want to make sure … Continue reading

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Resting Makes Me Random

Apparently SOMEBODY didn’t like the public unveiling of her ugly the other day. SOMEBODY decided to throw a little pain party right in the Achilles area. And after I treated her to that nice pressure washing and sanding, I mean … Continue reading

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Discount foliage

My husband doesn’t enjoy shopping, necessarily, but he LOVES a clearance rack. His latest find was this fine collection of ground cover plants. $1.50 per plant! I think he bought 50 of them. I do not envy him the digging … Continue reading

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Next Up

This weekend is the Landsford Canal 24 hour run. It is, just as it sounds, a race that goes on for 24 hours. The course is a 4.25 mile loop and whoever runs the most laps wins. Spoiler alert: that person … Continue reading

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Trail Date Redux

My husband bought me a mountain bike two years ago because he’d been riding a few years and thought I’d love it. Turns out we just don’t ride the same speed and/or bravery level. One of us is a brake-riding, … Continue reading

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The Foot of the Matter

Can we get gross for a minute? Of course we can. According to the stats, I’ve got six readers right now and I am pretty sure y’all have seen this train wreck already. And also you know I’m a foul … Continue reading

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