Trail Date Redux

My husband bought me a mountain bike two years ago because he’d been riding a few years and thought I’d love it. Turns out we just don’t ride the same speed and/or bravery level. One of us is a brake-riding, white knuckler who dismounts and walks around any obstacle that even looks remotely tricky. And by tricky i might mean something like a mud puddle. One of us is mucho afraid of falling off her bike. Not naming names though.

So while I definitely do enjoy the bike, it wasn’t really a good activity for together time. Now that the mister is adding some running to his schedule we’ve rediscovered the trail date. Together time, exercise and it’s free! And the best part? It means I’ve got my own personal run photographer with me. He TOTALLY gets that a good blogger needs action shots. Pardon my moronic expression. A few steps onto the bridge and the whole thing was bouncing like mad and it felt like my knees were going to bounce straight up and hit my chin. I believe I was asking if I looked crazy just as he took the pic. Yes, yes you do.


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