Resting Makes Me Random

Apparently SOMEBODY didn’t like the public unveiling of her ugly the other day. SOMEBODY decided to throw a little pain party right in the Achilles area. And after I treated her to that nice pressure washing and sanding, I mean pedicure.20120412-114136.jpg

Dear Ugly Foot,

Why ya gots to be like that? What did I ever do to you?

Ps – don’t answer that. I’m sorry. Want a cookie?


This happens pretty much every race week/taper time. I get sudden aches and pains and/or that sudden nagging feeling that I’m getting sick. So I’m icing it but I’m not going to freak out.

PS – confession time- I hate calling my running events “races” because I don’t think what I do qualifies as racing. I don’t race. I run. I walk some. I jog and scurry a bit. I might sashay. I don’t race though. And I don’t win. I’m not sure I ever foresee getting to a point where I really race. I’m certainly never gonna win anything unless the rest of my age group is suddenly struck down with food poisoning. Hey ladies, who wants a piece of homemade cake… So really I’m just always going to show up and start poking fun at the whole endeavor and myself. Story of my life.

In other news I hit the garden store and grabbed this flat o’ fun.

Tomatoes and peppers and jalapeños, oh my! The plan was to plant it all today, taper time=more free time than usual=list of projects to do, BUT the garden guy said to wait til the weekend because it’s a bit cold. Since I was also kind of worried about angering the Achilles with hours of garden squatting, I am embracing this unexpected day off at home alone. So now let’s hope I can keep that mess alive in the little pots til Sunday. I’m not going to pretend I’m not a little stressed out by this.

Tomorrow I’ll have kids around and will be doing the “oh my god what time am I leaving, what do I pack/wear/eat/drive?” dance. And eating pizza. Maybe also a Snickers because I think they are my good luck charm.

This morning I drove the school carpool. (Wait, did we just change the subject entirely with absolutely no smooth transition? Yeah. I’m rusty at this.) As usual there was a sheriff directing traffic in front of the school. He was a new guy I’d never seen before and he was totally gaffing the whole thing up. He’d, for reasons I still can’t figure out hours later (and I’ve given it some lengthy thought), parked his cop car in the left lane totally blocking the entire lane of traffic. The usual guy parks his car out of the way off to the right. Its hard to explain without a diagram and I’m not smart enough to diagram much less figure out how to post a diagram. Basically he just made a weird choice that created a ridiculous traffic jam. I briefly thought about calling in to complain about this but, as per usual, blew it off because I have to be deeply offended before I complain. I mean it’s not like this guy told me he hated my haircut or something. He was just making us all late and I really don’t have anything important to do so what’s it matter. As I came back out of the school I saw that clearly there had been some complaints called in though. Two more sheriff cars had pulled up and one sheriff was tearing into the guy directing traffic. Lots of wild gesturing. Eeeeek. Then I felt bad because lord knows I’ve made some total lame ass mistakes at work before.

One time I was tasked within ordering a case of hard hats. That was the task “a case of hard hats”. So I called the hard hat people and asked for a case. They came back with “a carton or a pallet?”. Ummm a case? Then they assured me that the best value was a pallet. I latched onto the term “best value” and only interpreted that as being “cheapest”. And it was absolutely the cheapest. The cheapest way to get 200+ hard hats when what my boss had wanted was about 25 hard hats. I think my company had less than 100 employees at the time and most of them already had hard hats. My mistake was discovered when my hard hats had to be unloaded via fork lift and really highlighted by the moment when the delivery guy dropped the shrink-wrapped pallet of hard hats (no boxes, just hats stacked up and wrapped) in the loading dock area and stated that was as far as he would take them. Cue me shamefacedly taking arm load after arm load of hard hats from the dock to the attic. For a couple hours. They are probably still using those hats.

So i kind of wanted to hug the cop and tell him we all take turns being stupid. Or at least he and I do.

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