DIY : Because I’m Handy

I woke up on Friday and immediately consulted my to do list. (That’s a lie. First I consulted Facebook) Fridays are my rest day as far as exercise so I use them to quickly scramble around and make it look like I did my stay at home mom job all week. This is not at all unlike the way I handled tasks at my last few outside the home jobs. Well no, when I worked outside the home I made Thursday my productive days. On Fridays I liked a long lunch and go home early type scenario.

Let’s note that my to do list references another list. I’m a big list nerd. And I’ve read that a great way to get your kids to do chores is to let them choose from a list of tasks so I think its cool to let myself choose too. Also note that I didn’t accomplish the “blog” item. I consider that more of a floating suggestion rather than actual to do. Like daily calorie limits and serving sizes.


On Monday Jeff accused me of breaking the shower. I had no idea what he was talking about until I saw this unfortunate scene. I didn’t do this. This shower head jumped.


And his solution was this finery. It was working for me most of the time so I blew it off. Instead of repairing it immediately he was weighing new shower head options because he claims he always hated this one. Hate to point fingers but is it possible that his negative energy killed the shower head? He said he didn’t want to just “jump in” to another shower head selection without looking around for the perfect one. I don’t really love shopping with him. It took us 47 visits to every store in town before he could settle on a washer and dryer. That we bought at Costco because we buy everything at Costco. And he doesn’t even do laundry.


So I was perfectly happy with the rigged up shower until Thursday when it kept slipping and hitting me in the head. I managed to survive the Thursday shower but I put it on “the list”. And on Friday I went rummaging around in the garage and produced this fabulous fix.


Did you know they make red duct tape? So festive.


And when I was finished I yelled out,”Fixed the newel post!” but nobody was around to care. So I called Jeff and said,”I fixed the shower” to which he replied,”What did you duct tape it?”

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3 Responses to DIY : Because I’m Handy

  1. Jeannine says:

    What’s the brown stuff in the jar? A homemade scrub?

  2. Jet Walker says:

    “Fixed the newel post!” I yell out this line whenever I fix anything in my house and giggle to myself everytime. My jokes are completely wasted on my children, but I laugh and that’s all that matters. 🙂

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