Garden Success!

Check this mess out! I lost a handful of tomato plants and a couple of pepper plants while I was at the beach. I think they would have died anyway though. They had been looking pretty sad. Everything else is looking lovely!


Look at my enormous squash and zucchini plants.


This was my first harvest and I was so excited.


And look at the tomatoes! Now, I’ve gotten to this stage before and then had the tomatoes never turn red and/or get end rot. Keep your fingers crossed. Denny’s sungold cherry tomato plant has produced a handful of tomatoes. He eats them straight off the plant though so I have no evidence of them.


These are jalepenos. I have great luck with jalepenos which is sad because I don’t really like them. I grow them per Jeff’s request and then we never do anything with them at all.


I started this week with six zucchini and six yellow squash. I managed to give a few away and use a couple to make baked zucchini fries with dinner. Then I got to baking. Two batches of zucchini chocolate chip muffins and one batch of zucchini cornbread later I have just one yellow squash left. I put extra zucchini and mashed banana into the muffins and used very little sugar and oil. Also subbed in whole wheat flour and flax. The kids are eating them up, muahahahaha.


This is why I don’t cook. I hate mess.


We didn’t grow this watermelon.


We did grow this boy though.


Happy Wednesday!

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One Response to Garden Success!

  1. Heather says:

    That’s my watermelon!!

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