Speed Freak

Note: This post was written on Tuesday. I didn’t have internet Monday-Wednesday so it didn’t post. So pretend for a minute that it is Tuesday. And thank your lucky stars that you weren’t without cable or internet for three days with two kids on summer vacation. We all went to bed at 8pm each day because the only other option was talking to each other. Notsomuch.

Two days in to Marine Corps Marathon training and I’m happy to report that things are going well.

Day one had me at the gym for some cross training on the elliptical and a little strength training. I haven’t done weights in probably a year and I am definitely feeling it today! But that just means that in a matter of days I’ll be totally ripped, right? I better be Jillian Freaking Michaels by Friday or heads will roll.

Day two got a little screwy with weather and schedule so I ended up doing a treadmill speed workout. I don’t hate the treadmill but I really don’t love it. Today it was sort of a necessary evil. So my very first ever speed workout, like my training plan and pretty much everything I do in life, was patched together on the fly but worked out well. I did a warm up mile followed by four miles of progressively faster paces. No real rhyme or reason to it, just upped the speed each time I felt like I had gotten comfortable with the current speed.  I took a couple walk breaks as needed when the speed got to me and then jumped back in and started working my way up the paces again. Then I did an easy pace for mile 6 figuring on wrapping things up. I felt tired but not quite totally worn out at the end of mile 6 so I went ahead and threw in two more miles in the marathon goal pace range(8:40-8:57). I got those two miles done. Not entirely sure I can see myself being able to do that speed for 24.2 more miles though.

I know, I should totally write speed workouts for Runner’s World, huh? But it was tough and I survived. I’ve never officially gone into a run intentionally aiming for speedwork. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. It was fun to be challenged in a different way and go at it like a workout rather than my normal cruising run. I feel all kinds of motivated to keep it up. Just as soon as I can get out of this chair.

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