Track Stars!

Day 3 of MCM – do you care? should I post about every day’s workout? I’m not sure. It’s going to get repetitive and sort of self-important but it also gives me a a reason for a post and really aren’t blogs supposed to be repetitive and self-important. Is self-important a word? Did I use it correctly? Is this thing on? Anyway on day 3 I read some gossip mags on the elliptical for 80 minutes (before you say it, yes I push hard even while reading gossip mags. I’m a woman of the 2000’s, we multi-task and I don’t read the words, I just look for pictures of
Channing and Bradley) and then did about a half hour of strength with my buddy, H. I don’t know where she got that workout but I think it involved 437 squats and lunges. That was super! Thanks, H, remind me that I owe you one.

And that brings us to today, Day 4 – the debut of the track workout! Carrie had run on the track before because its near her house. I’d never set foot on a track before. Neither of us had ever done a formal speed workout before. I’ll admit that I was scared of this workout, especially following Tuesday’s attempt at simply upping the speed a bit on the treadmill. Adding fuel to the fear, we brought all our kids (five in total) along and offered them the random sandbox at the track as “childcare” while ran circles around them. So basically if this workout brought me to the ground vomiting, I knew I’d be yakking while having to simultaneously pass out snacks, break up fights, find missing toys and explain exactly why I was yakking (why? but why, mommy? How come?). Combining running with momming sort of makes it a duathalon! Extra calories burned, definitely.

We’d decided to use the Yasso 800’s for our track work. I probably should have read about it in depth but I didn’t. I just know you’re supposed to run a series of 800’s and aim to do your marathon goal time but in minutes. So if you are aiming for a 4 hour marathon, you want to do 4 minute 800’s and, over time, you add more and more 800’s to the workout. That’s super simple and easy to remember so that’s kind of where my research stopped. I don’t like to spend valuable time on research when I could be watching Real Housewives or staring at a wall. I wasn’t entirely sure how many to start with or how long to recover between them. I did manage to program my Garmin with the workout, another first!, so that it would beep and tell us when to change between speeds. I pretty much felt like a genius for figuring that out. (Or I did until I just typed the word genius and got busted by spellcheck for spelling it wrong..)

The workout went like this and totaled 6 miles:

Warm up 1 mile – easy run

Run fast 800/walk 400/easy run 400 (4 times)

Cool down 1 mile – easy run

We weren’t sure what our paces would be so we just ran hard as we reasonably could for each 800. Not an all out sprint but pretty persistent speed for us. We were super pleased to plug in the Garmin after and see our 800’s came in at 3:58, 4:01, 3:54 & 3:55. Not bad at all! And I didn’t throw up or quit even though I sorely wanted to do both several times. I’m not going to lie though, it was a hard and humbling workout. We even had to issue a cease fire on our normal endless chatter in order to focus and preserve energy. The last two rounds were silent but for the occasional exchange of “oh my god” and “I know”. What a feeling of accomplishment at the end though. That was really hard and we did it. I think I might love track workouts. At least until it gets hot outside. Then I might change my tune. Maybe I just like when a track workout is over. That makes more sense.

And the best part? The kids that we left in the random sandbox for an hour? They totally behaved. My littler one wanted to stay even longer. I had to promise him we’d come back soon. Success all around.

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