Goddess of Gardening

Do you see what these tomatoes are doing? Do you?


They are TURNING RED! For the first time in three years of gardening the tomatoes are turning red! I know you are probably thinking “no shit, that’s what tomatoes do”. And you’d be dead wrong. Every year the tomato plants have grown large and lush and produced a ton of tomatoes. Tomatoes that never turned red. More often than not all they did was turn black at the bottoms in case after case of end rot. And piss me off. And get eaten by birds or bugs. But red? No, I’ve never seen that. Wheeeee!

I have had a small army of cherry tomatoes come in orange and red this year so I was cautiously optimistic about the larger tomatoes. And then this afternoon I spied these Romas peeking out.

Oh happy day, I am a true southern woman now for I have raised a mama’s boy and grown a tomato! I can retire to porches and sweet tea now. Hallelujah.

Oddly, these two came off a plant that looks near death. So perhaps retirement is upon me anyway.

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