Dirty Hippy

I picked up some new shampoo and conditioner at Costco the other day because I had recently heard good reviews on their Kirkland brand ones. It’s a little shocking that I have never tried it, given that we buy almost everything Costco/Kirkland has ever made. Seriously, if Costco made Kirkland brand houses we buy the six count pack without a second thought.

In the shower this morning I was just sudsing up for my first wash with it when I read the bottle for the first time. (That’s how much I trust Costco. I saw the word Kirkland and the word Shampoo and read no further. Into the cart it went.)


Sulfate free. Paraben free. Vegan. Gluten free.

Damn it. This is hippy shampoo.

Now I’m the typical modern day mommy so I’ve had my “aha” moment in regards to organics and all that. I read the books and watched the documentaries. I jumped aboard the train and made the changes that felt right in the what and where of the things we eat/use/purchase. I’m down with the hippy crap. I promise. I even phased out conventional shampoo/conditioner way back then and tried a handful of hippy brands. And they all sucked. They sucked so bad. I think my hair needs paraben or something. I can roll with hippy. I can’t roll with bad hair, y’all.

So now I’m dubious but I’ll give it a fair chance I guess. I generally applaud Costco for being on the organic game but I feel slightly betrayed on this one. I am a little bit soothed by the ingredient list though. It doesn’t have paraben or sulfate but it does have a crap load of other crap.


And if I hate it I can give it to one of my gluten free friends. So they can snack on it in the shower.

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