Trail of Terror

Last night, around 630pm, I headed out on my hottest run so far this year. Its probably been this humid already but it’s definitely not been this hot and humid. I decided to try and take more pics because I notice that good running bloggers have a lot of pics. So here is a picture of the hot.



A run with just one new variable to challenge is never enough so I decided to test run a new running skirt. I shouldn’t actually call this skirt new though. Trying to stay on trend, I bought this skirt last summer. It just seemed too short and too bright pink so I never wore it. I also bought a black running skirt at Target last fall. Wore that exactly twice and positively hated it which put an even larger damper on my desire to try this one out. It stayed in the drawer with the tags on until yesterday. I was feeling saucy so I put it on. And then I tried to take a pic of the skirt while wearing it. ; That was harder than I thought.


FYI: Its really hard to take a full body self portrait without a mirror. Behold this awkwardness. Also photographic evidence of the way I use excess stomach chub to weigh down my fuel belt. Rad. Go ahead, admit you’re jealous of my ingenuity.



First couple miles were good. As good as could be expected considering I’ve not run in such hot weather since last summer. Right around mile three I started to wear down. I’m not too proud to take some lengthy walk breaks so that’s just what I did. The trail at dusk screws with my vision on a good weather day. The lowering light filtering through the trees makes it hard to decipher what I am seeing sometimes. For instance I thought I saw a snake so I, naturally, screamed and jumped to the side of the trail. Scared the crap out of a mountain biker who came back to see what happened. He arrived just as I realized the snake was actually a very small turtle. You can see my confusion though right? Totally shaped the same as a snake…


I continued to chug along, marveling at how far I’ve come with my ability to “suck it up”. A year ago I would have either run at 5am or retreated to a treadmill to avoid the heat. I wouldn’t have run trail at all because it was dirty and scary and left fewer opportunities to cut a run short or quit early. Two years ago I was just getting started running and I could only manage to run a quarter mile or so at a time. I did almost all my runs on a treadmill until it cooled off at the end of summer. Last night, at mile 2 when I thought “Wow this is going to be rough”, instead of immediately thinking “so I’ll cut it short/skip it/walk it” I found myself thinking “it’s probably not going to stop being rough so quit whining and it will feel damn good when I finish”. And it did. It always does. So I attempted a triumphant self portrait with a glowing sunset in the background.



I have got to get better at self portraits. What is even happening there?

I wish I had taken pics of the trail because I love this trail. It’s got so many pretty views. Yesterday this was my favorite view though. That’s my car about a quarter mile away and that means the run. was. done.


As for the skirt? That skirt is totally fired. Hated it. Rode up and chafed and just generally misbehaved. It’s probably not you, Skirt, it’s probably my thighs. Unfortunately, I’ve discussed these issues with my thighs before and they show no signs of changing. Sorry, Skirt. I guess I’ll never be a high fashion runner girl.

Ps – I see now that the pics on this post are eeeee-freaking-normous. I could redo the whole thing but that sounds like a lot of effort. Instead I will say sorry. Sorry you had to see a near life size picture of my skirt.

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One Response to Trail of Terror

  1. Megan says:

    This renewed my love for you. Makes me believe one day I will make it past 3 miles. Still bummed you’re not coming to Newport though..

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