Sunday Funday

Already I’ve lost track of what day # it is in the Great MCM Training Plan. Its going well nonetheless. Last week I did a track workout, two trail runs and a long run. I got together with a handful of great runner friends for a 20 miler at 5am Sunday. It was super muggy, hot and sweaty. I could hear the sweat dripping off of me as I ran. I was able to wring my socks out at the end. That was pretty nasty. Even with the heat it was one hell of a great run. Really fun group of people and I felt super strong all the way through to the end. Hooray!

Later than evening I headed out with an entirely different group of friends for an entirely different brand of fun. A few weeks ago, while feeling a little silly on wine on our girls’ weekend, we jumped on the change to grab some cheap tickets (thanks, SIL J) to the Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney concert. At the time it didn’t seem to matter that most of us are not country fans. Luckily that didn’t even matter at the show.

We grabbed an early dinner at an uptown irish pub and then swaggered on over to the stadium.

See, 7 country concert goers, only one cowboy hat and not a boot to be found.



Our seats were cheap because they were located 47 miles from the stage. No matter, we settled in and began Facebooking our faces off.


And people watching. Oh the people watching. I love this guy. Pink shirt and camo hat. I believe that’s what a fashion blogger would call a clever bit of juxtaposition. He also had a giant hook on the bill of his hat. Boys have been doing that for at least 20 years and I still don’t know what it means. Its gotta be naughty, right? Nevermind. Don’t tell me.


When in Rome, drink beers the size of one’s face!


That wall behind us there? That’s the very tippy top of the stadium. As luck would have it, it turns out all the coolest folks were sitting in the cheap seats at this show. Also note the “Free” cups that came with our giant $10 cans of beer.


Concert was good. There was some dancing and shenanigans.


And the next morning. Oh the next morning. I paid for having multiple drinks and staying out til such an ungodly hour (1130p, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?) I even did this.


Yeah. I left dished in the sink and went to the gym. I never leave dishes in the sink. Never. But times were rough and I needed to slowly sip a Diet Coke and get to working the funk out of my system.

Country concert ticket – $20

Train tickets – $4

Pub Dinner and drinks – $35

Crappy beer by the gallon – $20, I think. Maybe $30. There are conflicting reports regarding consumption.

A night of being positively ridiculous with girlfriends – Priceless*

*Well not really priceless. It cost $79 and a good portion of my Monday in so far as time spent bemoaning the beer. Totally worth it though.

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