The One Where My Thighs Tried to Kill Me

All right so my last running post was about an aborted long run due to my bum ass hip last Saturday. I woke up Sunday still hurting so I skipped running again. Tuesday morning I got in 8 miles and felt decent. There was still some discomfort but it felt like something I could ignore.

Tuesday afternoon I got up out of my seat and turned on the bad hip to walk. BAM! Pain. Of the will-not-be-ignored variety. So I dragged myself in to see the VWD. He did one of those terribly painful massages that have a prettier sounding name but really its just a terribly painful massage. Then he put some sort of electrocuting device onto my hip and knee and made me sit there for 20 minutes. I was scared, I cannot tell a lie.

I skipped Thursday’s run because things felt better but not perfect and I didn’t want anymore electrocution.

Saturday I went out on a slow trail run with Jeff and felt good. We didn’t get started until later than I prefer because home life tripped us up.

There was concrete pouring to see.


And a half-birthday to celebrate!


Those pictures don’t make sense in this post but I like them and wanted to include them so I tangented them in. I’m a mommy. Mommies think everyone wants to see pictures of their kids. Just smile and nod.

Back on topic. Sunday Long Run.

Today I set out for 23-25 miles. I went to the local greenway path because I had a buddy willing to run the first half with me. We met up at 6am and headed out to beat some of the heat. Turns out the heat had shown up anyway.

We slogged through 8 miles before my buddy cried uncle. She’s smarter than me. At this point I discovered I had started to chafe a little. It happens sometimes so I wasn’t concerned. Just annoyed. I grabbed some more fuel and water from the little aid station I had made in my car and headed back out.


Despite the heat and humidity, I had a great run. Pace was slower but steady and comfortable. One of those runs where you think wow I could do this all day! Around mile 16 I discovered that the chafing had developed a little bloody patch. That’s a new one and it’s Awe.Some.

This is the face I make when I discover bloody chafing.


I am sure you were wondering what that face might look like. So now you know.

I got to the car again at the 20 mile mark. I felt good and capable of 5 more. I wanted 5 more. I texted home and asked if they were good without me for 5 more. All systems go. I even busted out my emergency Real Full Calorie Coke for a treat/boost to see me through to the end.

And then I looked down at the rivers of sweat running down my legs and thought about the chafing and thought, nahhh lets quit while we are ahead today. This is not a really good picture of the sweat. I would have taken another one but I could tell this guy in the next car could tell that I was taking pics of myself. I didn’t want to arouse any more of his suspicion.


So I packed it up and headed home. And its a damn good thing I did. At home, upon showering, I discovered that the chafing situation was bad. Very bad. Apparently my thighs were trying to start a fire and send smoke signals to get me to stop running. How in the world I didn’t become aware of the severity of this while I was running I will never know. The shower water hit that business and I screamed and flattened myself against the shower wall screeching cuss words. My kid ran to get help. That was awkward.

So 20 strong miles in ridiculous heat with no hip pain but some life threatening chafe – check.

And now I’m sporting my recovery outfit of compression sleeves and a house dress to hide the bike shorts. Bike shorts to prevent the thighs from attempting a rematch. Photo credit to my three year old for this gem.


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