Sacrificial Toenail

So last week I wrote a really long, whiny post about my crappy recent runs. Woe is me.

Well then the very next day I smacked my foot into something. Probably something that the kids left on the floor in a super convenient, surprise place. The impact was the final nail in one particular toenail’s coffin. This toenail had been barely hanging on for months. You can see it in this post. Its the middle toe on Ugly Foot. I won’t take a new picture. That would be too attention whore-y. Anyway, so the toenail finally popped off. And then the next day I went on a 12 miler with Carrie and it was a great run! Not perfect, but So. Much. Better.

Clearly that nail had to go. I hope you other toenails are paying attention. No more dead weight will be tolerated.

Also that day I got word that my second new Garmin has shipped. I’m eagerly watching the mail box.

Today I went out on my last 20 miler before MCM. I got a mile in before I noticed that the sky had turned black. A quick check of weather radar on my phone (seriously how did people run in, like, the 70’s or 80’s. No Garmins or iphones or compression socks or gu…*shudder*) showed a narrow strip of major storm about to hit me. I turned tail and ran as fast as I could back to the car. Witnesses probably thought I was running from the law. I was that fast. Made it to the car just as the sky opened up.

Half hour later I was back on the road. Despite being cold and wet and then having a fuel belt bottle leak its entire 10 ounces of water onto the ass of my shorts, I had the best 20 miler of the training cycle. Managed a 9:27 overall pace and it felt easy. Really easy. So now I’m excited for MCM again.

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