Race Recap: Marine Corps Marathon 2012 – Foreshadowing

Where to begin..where to begin..

Well let’s flip to the middle of the book and sneak a peak before we go back and dutifully start at the prologue. This is a pic (that I stole via screenshot from MarathonFoto while I await my order) of me in the FIRST MILE of this marathon. I had to steal pics because I lost the ability to use my hands during the race and could not gamble with pulling my phone out to take pics. Do you see the desperation on my face? The T-Rex arms clenching up at my chest. My eyes are already shut. I am praying for a pothole to appear and snap my ankle so that I can be carried back to my hotel. First mile, my friends.


And if that image doesn’t intrigue you to stick around and gut this out then I just don’t think we can be friends anymore.

Allrighty, so the marathon was on Sunday, October 28 in Washington, DC. Runner Friend Karen, Sister-in-Law/Spectator/Support Crew Extraordinaire Jeannine and I planned to drive up from Charlotte early Saturday morning, hit the expo, check into our hotel, grab dinner and get to sleep. That plan sounds so easy and smooth. Man, I love a plan.

What actually happened was a stomach bug hit my house on Thursday around 11am. In a full fledged panic, I remembered hearing about an old wive’s tale regarding grape juice and the stomach bug. I did some quick internet research and found several blogs that suggested great success in preventing the stomach bug by drinking three glasses of grape juice a day after you have been exposed. I went straight to the store and bought a gallon of grape juice. And I drank it. I drank a glass three times a day. I drank a glass anytime Jeff walked by me. I drank a glass anytime I got nervous. I drank a glass when I was bored. If three glasses is good, then constantly marinating your digestive tract is better.

Friday morning, my mom and Denny both displayed symptoms. Instant panic ensued. I chugged more grape juice, took a scalding hot shower, packed my crap up and fled to SIL Jeannine’s house a day early to hide from germs. (She thought I was kidding when I texted to ask if I could sleep over. Imagine her surprise when I texted her later…from her couch)

Now I never did get the stomach bug but I also never felt good on Friday or Saturday. My stomach was totally off and I was wiped out and achy all over. Not sick, just wonky. I kept chalking it up to nerves and taper hypochondria. To combat the off stomach feeling, I went out and bought some pepto, another thing I’ve never taken. And if one pepto settles the tummy then you just know lots of pepto is safest. I also bought smaller bottles of grape juice for easy travel purposes. Grape juice remedy, now in convenient purse size! By my estimate, I drank 1.5-2 gallons of grape juice between Thursday at noon and Saturday mid-afternoon. I know they say don’t do anything different before or during a race but surely they don’t mean a couple gallons of grape juice, right?

I should be some sort of internet doctor.

We got on the road around 8am on Saturday. Got up to DC around 3 and headed to expo, grabbed our bibs and then headed to the hotel. By the way, I cannot recommend our hotel enough. It was about a 2 mile easy walk to the start and a 1 mile walk from the finish. Metro is nearby if you want to use that for touristing purposes as well.

All right, that’s the messy disorganized whining. Next up, Race Day!

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2 Responses to Race Recap: Marine Corps Marathon 2012 – Foreshadowing

  1. Father O. Thebride says:

    Does the whining get more organized?

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