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Pinhoti 100

Way back in May Jeff asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I said I wanted a registration for the Pinhoti 100. I’d been wavering back and forth and I figured a gifted registration would decide it for me. I … Continue reading

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Race Recap: Thunder Road Marathon

Where to start, where to start. At the beginning, I suppose. I ran Thunder Road as my first half marathon two years ago and my first full marathon a year ago. A lot of local runners seem to avoid this … Continue reading

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MCM Recap : Embracing The Suck

I left off with a foreshadowing teaser to warn ya that this won’t be pretty. Let me kick this off with some disclaimers. First, the Marine Corps Marathon is a phenomenal race. It’s the largest race I’ve ever done, fourth … Continue reading

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Race Recap: Marine Corps Marathon 2012 – Foreshadowing

Where to begin..where to begin.. Well let’s flip to the middle of the book and sneak a peak before we go back and dutifully start at the prologue. This is a pic (that I stole via screenshot from MarathonFoto while … Continue reading

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Major Mojo

Last we spoke, I was on an upswing. I’d lost a bad toenail and had two great runs, one of them being a fantastic 20 miler that Sunday. I am so pleased to report that the trend continued all through … Continue reading

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Sacrificial Toenail

So last week I wrote a really long, whiny post about my crappy recent runs. Woe is me. Well then the very next day I smacked my foot into something. Probably something that the kids left on the floor in … Continue reading

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Keyboard Diarrhea

Yeah. Dude. I just used diarrhea in the post title. Yuck. No worries though. Its just a phrase. So I’ve been a bad blogger. I’d list out some good excuses but I don’t really have any. Plus, what is more … Continue reading

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